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Writing about yourself is hard stuff. I think I've written this About Me section a million times. I've even given "About Me's" to a number of studios. Each time I look back to what I've written or said though, I feel like I'm a different person now to who I was back then.
But this is life, we are constantly changing, transforming and evolving but here’s a few things that will never change:

  • I am of Chinese heritage but was born in Australia. My great grandparents generation and downwards live in Indonesia. My Mum and I moved to Singapore in 2000 and this is where I call home.
  • So I can speak English, Chinese-ish, Bahasa Indonesian-ish.

Life Before Yoga
I’m an aries born in the year of the monkey, I’ve always kind of played that as to why I’ve had so much energy since young. Naturally P.E was my favourite subject, I loved after school sports and dance, I was also very creative and loved art. Unfortunately I didn’t flourish so well academically and in compensation did far too much sport and ended up tearing my ACL. So at 18, I had no sport, no academics and least to say I barely scraped through high school. Maybe it’s the fiery Aries in me but despite not having much of a future, I didn’t give up. Instead I went to China and taught English for 3 months, I then went to Sydney and learned patiserrie and Le Cordon Bleu. After discovering I didn’t have much talent for teaching English in foreign countries or baking I returned home and worked for my aunt’s clothing shop. From there I worked in high end retail to shipping and then finally landed a job as a luxury travel agent.
I was extremely happy with my work but ultimately it was the relationship I was in that drove me to yoga. The relationship was fine but I wasn’t so into socialising every night after work, so to fill my evenings I decided I wanted to do something healthy. With my knee anything high impact was not an option so yoga it was. I found a groupon deal, fell in love with my first class and haven’t stopped attending/practicing yoga since.

Life As a Yoga Teacher
I have been teaching for 3 years now & I love it. 3 years isn’t a very long time in comparison to some great legends but we all have to start somewhere.
I just know in my bones this is truly what I love and should be doing.
I eat, sleep & breathe yoga. I wake up, think yoga. I eat and think of yoga, I sleep & think of the yoga I've done and the yoga I'm about to do.
Yoga Yoga Yoga. I love it

So that’s me. Really I’m just a normal person who gave up her day job to become a yoga teacher. To follow her passion to live her dream. But through this process of being a yoga student & becoming a full time yoga teacher this goes beyond passion. It goes to transforming the very person I am yet being me through and through.

I guess I’ve finally (after many years of procrastination) created this website as a way for me to share everything and anything with my own voice and to provide a space and platform for you and I, whether you’re new or an OG. A student I see in class, a commenter I read on instagram, whoever you are this is a space for us to connect beyond the yoga studio, beyond the little squares of instagram.


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