Practice Tips: How to Schedule a Self Practice

This is another question I get asked a lot! If you self practice how do you stay motivated, how do you know what to do? Here's some advice I've given in the past: 

How Often Should I Practice?
Personally I would suggest practicing everyday. It doesn't have to be anything super intense. Even if it was just 10mins of meditation every day it's something! 

But let's say you really wanna go for it. I would suggest practicing for about 45mins-1 hour every day first thing in the morning (so that's before you eat but after you pee ;)

What Should I Do For Practice?
To keep things interesting change it up everyday, it can not only help you look forward to doing something later on in the week but also remind you to do the things you don't like. So not to say that yoga is like body building but in the sport most will focus on one body part each day so they don't over work/strain one part of the body & leave the others ignored or weak. The same can be applied to yoga & here's what I kind of do for my teaching schedule/plan.

Monday: Hamstrings  
Tueaday: Hips
Wednesday: Twisting  
Thursday: Back Bending  
Friday: Arm Balancing  
Saturday: Inversions
Sunday: Yin yoga/Restorative  

This is just an example & not to say you CANT do inversions & arm balances every day. The themes will interweave with each other regardless depending on the poses you choose to do. But this can be used as just a guide to help plan ahead. So what you can do is look online for some YouTube/subscription classes that focus on your theme, plan it out with what you want to do on what day & commit. 

Commiting will be the hardest part. Especially when it comes to a day when you've planned to do something you don't like doing. Like cardio day. Lol. Who likes that. But you know you should so you commit & that's part of the yoga too. Although this plan is designed to keep you more interested & motivated. Much of yoga is based on good old boring repetition. But there is something to be said about boredom & pushing through it. There is something to be said about finding motivation when you feel like you have none.  

I hope this helps! 


Practice Tips: How to Start a Yoga Practice

This is the #1 question I get asked! So here we go in no particular order are some ways to start bringing a physical yoga practice into your life. Just to be clear, there are endless ways to do yoga, meaning you could be doing yoga right now: breathing. That's yoga too. Crazy right? But for a physical practice that's what this blog is for & I hope it helps! 

1. Find a Yoga Studio
This I know may not be accessible to everyone, but if it is then try this route first. Go for whatever you can afford within your area and try all the teachers if there are more than 1. Not all teachers will be your favourite and you’ll kind of figure it out as you go. But there is something to be said about making time to go to a place to practice with your teacher and dedicate that 1 hour to just practice without any distractions. It is personally I feel a little safer as you won’t be trying things you just see off of social media which I’m sorry to say but it’s true - it’s not all realistic. A lot of the stuff you see is the fancy stuff and I myself included don’t show that much of the basics. So if you can afford it (both financially and time wise) find a yoga studio.

2. Try Youtube
If you type in “yoga” on YouTube you will find 18,800,000 results. So least to say there isn’t a shortage of yoga videos on YouTube but are there too many options? Yes. Some of it is soft porn too probably. Don’t click on those. But here are my recommendations:

  • Yoga Lab TV
    Yes I work at Yoga Lab, yes I LOVE yoga lab, yes I am promoting my own videos. But just sayin - if you already practice some yoga, these little 5-10min quickes & tips can be a great addition to your practice
  • Ekhart Yoga
    Her classes are more technical, anatomical & her videos are made up with several teachers, not just one. Which personally I like.
  • Tom Barber Yoga
    He does alot of Forrest Yoga which is a very grounding practice with lots of emphasis on technique which is always a great way to start learning yoga - with technique.
  • Christina Sell
    I’ve taken her workshops and I love Christina, she makes things feel more accessible with a kind of no BS but funny manner. She does a very anusara/iyengar style practice, sharing mostly tips on Youtube but useful to watch if you need tips to aid your practice.
  • Patrick Beach
    I’ve also taken his workshops before and love his strength work, his sequences are very creative & his core challenges are a total burner. I still use loads of his moves in my classes today
  • Yoga with Adrienne
    Her classes are mostly very simple and don’t take up too much time, so win win.

There so many guys, I can’t highlight them all but if you can dedicate some time to finding some teachers you like, understand and connect with then it will be worth it. Plus it’s free. Who doesn’t love things that are free?


3. Try Online Yoga Channels
Think Netflix but yoga. So a monthly subscription with endless amounts of yoga classes. Here are just a few to name: Omstars (which I will be on soon!), YogaGlo,,, CodyApp, there’s so many guys. SO many.

4. Try Books
Ever heard of Light on Yoga? This type of learning style is so great, cause it makes you understand what yoga is before you even start doing poses. Plus the book isn’t expensive and is still today what most yoga teachers will read for their yoga teacher training. It’s basically a picture book with details on how to do it, what to do, what it’s contraindications are etc. Which isn’t stuff you’ll be able to get in both online and real life yoga classes.

5. Try an EBook 

I've never tried an Ebook but if I had to try one I would choose Casa Colibri’s. I've watched her on Youtube & CodyApp & ofcourse I love her Instagram. I feel she is the real deal. She's more than just a qualified teacher but she just knows her stuff & she's able to translate her knowledge broken down into a teaching format which isn't as easy/simple as it seems. Just because you can "perform" doesn't necessarily mean you can "teach". Although I believe I everyone had the ability teach in some way shape or form. She has a Ebook for beginners & loads of other ebooks too. So check her out, link is on her ebook! 


Thank you to to everyone who inspired me to write this blog post <3  

If you have any other recommendations on what I should write about let me know!