Practice With Me

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Public Teaching Schedule

I teach full time at Yoga Lab in Singapore. Check out their website for our schedule which rotates weekly and is updated mostly the week before on Fridays.  To make a booking, you can both book and purchases classes directly on the website. 
Every teacher at Yoga Lab teachers in their own style/way. Here's a general look into how I program my classes: 
Stretch: Yin/Restorative yoga. Static passive postures held for 2-10mins
H26: Bikram yoga sequence done 1x
Yoga 101: Foundation/Fundamentals, we workshop the basic postures to understand inner workings of the posture & learn alignment
Core: Strength based class working not just the abs but movements & postures that require core stability
Power: Themed "Peak" pose sequencing. We work through a series of postures sequenced so they specifically progressively work you into a "peak" pose (safer for the body & will develop more awareness) 
Flow: When you apply what you know into a flow. Pace is faster. 6months practice is recommended
Level 2: Where we incorporate it all! Deeper postures, arm balances, inversions etc. This is great for those who know their basics & Power level postures so you can bring an element of self practice & inward awareness to the class
Level 2 (120m): This class is limited to 18pax
I practice with you & only assist if 100% necessary
Recommended for those who:

  • Can straighten arms in wheel pose
  • Headstand & handstand (with wall)
  • Previous LVL2 attendance (regular)
  • Comfortable with chanting

*This class uses TWO class cards


Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are the more traditional ways of practice. Classes are set in such a way to suit your mind & body to help you find connection between. With public classes you will practice with the majority (although variations are always provided) but in private classes everything you will do and practice is specifically designed & sequence for you.
So private classes are also a great way to practice if you:

  • Prefer 1-1 attention
  • Are not a fan of large groups
  • Have medical concerns that can't be worked around in a large class setting (injuries, spine/joint issues)
  • Need to practice within a set scheduled time and place 

Private sessions can also be held to a maximum of 3pax if you'd like to split costs or practice with friends. 

So Is Private Yoga for me?
The best way to see if private yoga is for you is to start with an email, let me know what you're looking for, what are your concerns or if there are things I need to be concerned about. How many pax & your location and from there we can see if we're a good fit. 

Please know that I only take on students that I feel I can help and serve. As a great Teacher-Student relationship requires trust and belief within each other.  So if it comes to the case that we both agree we're not a great fit, then good thing I know lots of other yoga teachers I can recommend you to! So regardless this is atleast great way to kind of just tap your toes in and see what best help can be found for you and in the end it's always worth it to be patient in finding YOUR teacher. 


Online Yoga

Currently you can find me on Yoga Lab TV which is a Youtube channel dedicated to creating content to aid your practice & also give you more insight to what goes on at Yoga Lab. In the next coming months you'll also be able to find me at OMstars a subscription based website (think Netflix for Yoga). More updates on that when my classes go live <3