Hong Kong Workshop
to May 27

Hong Kong Workshop

26-27 May
0830-1100, 1200-1430
Viva Dance Studio

26 May
Hips & Twists 830-1100

Our hips & core marry our upper body to the lower body & at some point we often find a disconnect between the two by lack of movement or lack of range in motion. This workshop will bring life back into our hips & digestive system to encourage freedom within the way we move & feel.

Fly to Float 12-1430
Arm balances are tricky but once understood they can create a sense of internal strength and power allowing us to open our minds and bodies beyond our known possibilities, plus they're fun! We'll focus on both static and transitional postures/flows by covering techniques and tricks to not only overcome our fears but also help us find that "float" in our practice.

26 May
Splits & Back bends 830-1100
The key to finding ease in challenging poses that require splits & backbends is to learn through patient progression. In this workshop we will do exactly that! Bit by bit we chip away the uncertainty & common distaste for backbend by understanding the parts of our body to engage & strengthen, to relax & stretch to eventually work our efforts to being effortless.

Invert to Restore 12-1430
There's nothing more terrifying than having your world turned upside down, but overtime going upside down can start to feel like the right side up! It all starts with our base, when the foundation is strong the rest will follow. As we learn to build trust in ourselves this becomes the catalyst to the process of how inversions can restore our mind, body & heart. This class is suitable for anyone, whether you can or cannot invert options will be provided.

All levels are welcome, you don't have to be “good enough” to attend a workshop, you just have to be willing to show up without any expectations for yourself.

Please bring: 1 Mat, 2 Blocks & 2 Straps

Prices: HKD350 per workshop
           HKD1200 for all 4

To book email me at ericatenggarayoga@gmail.com

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